Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Attachment of Death

In the workplace, being a employee, you never want to ruin your reputation or your credit to move up within the company. You always want to stay on task, complete all work, and help other co workers when they need help. Your boss does not want to see you mess up or do anything stupid.
So, do not open all your emails that contain attachments from a internet newsgroup. states that someone can create a virus on a word document and then upload it into a internet newsgroup, which is circulating around small and large businesses, and anyone to open that file from the newsgroup will automatically have a virus on their computer affecting all work and may even affect others computers. Another affect of the virus is that it will automatically send the virus word document to the first 50 people on your contact list thus, affecting them aswell.
So be careful, instead of checking your personal email at work, check it at home to reduce the hazard of creating a virus. Because, the last thing you want is to be known as the person who ruined the company computers.

- Kabeer Panesar

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