Tuesday, 7 February 2012

·        We all use the internet for whatever reason it may be. Students use the internet for school work and workers use the internet for work purposes. But that's what you think. In reality there are workers out there who misuse the internet for viewing inappropriate things such as they download or watch pornography, or send sexually explicit jokes. THIS IS WRONG! This type of action WILL get you fired and as future business students we want to avoid getting fired over misuse of the internet. In the workplace, employees are supposed to use the internet for ONLY work related inquires and not for personal use especially not for inappropriate use such as pornography. I found an article about a man who was accused of having child pornography on his work computer. Also have a video about internet misuse and the consequences. The link is below. There are many individuals who use work computers for inappropriate use of the internet we as students should learn how to avoid this or getting fired in general. 

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